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Why Direct Mail Marketing?


Direct Mail (Target Marketing) is the only adverting media where you know for sure that your Ad/Message will be delivered and seen buy the prospect you want to reach. Email is easy to delete without looking at it and Broadcast Marketing (newspaper, radio, television, signs) may never be heard or seen by the intended receiver.


There are lots of choices for your advertising in today's expanded media, but Direct Mail still proves to be the most efficient and cost effective means of finding new customers and ensuring customer retention.


We can saturate a given area of your choice, or create a customized "target" mailing list that directs your message only to consumers or businesses that are most likely to be your customers...and, it's trackable.

Direct Mail Advertising, sometimes referred to as Target Marketing, is based on a system of demographic accuracy. Here’s how it works in 4 basic steps.


(1) Identify: Our first objective is to identify who your Prime Customer really is. For example, if you own a Roofing Company your Prime Customer would likely be Home Owners of houses that are 10 years old or older. Further demographic information might locate houses with certain types of roofing, such as composite material. It makes no sense for a roofing company to waste ad dollars broadcasting their message to condo owners or renters.


(2) Locate: We have sources and means of locating the names and addresses of your Prime Customer Base in a given location based on demographic information that links them to the type of product or service your business provides. This demographic information would come in the form of a Mailing List. A search by demographics can provide a vast amount of important information to locate your best prospects. (For more info see Mailing Lists).


(3) Create Your Ad/Mailer Concept: Aloha Business Mailers has 20 years of experience in creating advertising that speaks to the needs of your customer base. (For more info see Graphic Design and Layout for attention getting grabbing Ads).


(4) Mail your promotional at discount rates: (For more info see Discount Postal Rates).


Complete Mail Processing


Aloha Business Mailers has been working since 2000 with local businesses, non-profit organizations and associations in providing High Quality Laser Printing services. We are proficient in the layout, design and printing of statements, brochures, cards, flyers, menus, spiral bound books and marketing materials (folded if required). Buy putting our services to work for you, your company will realize excellent, accurate printing with fast local delivery. We email you proofs of the final layout, for your approval, before we print.


One of the many advantages to local Hawaii customers is that we will print just the quantity you need, as you need it Using off-island print companies in the mainland or elsewhere may result in larger quantity requirements, long delays and expensive shipping charges. Printed Locally, as needed also ensures that if some detail change is necessary, we can do it in the quantity you need, quickly, so you are not stuck with a lot of material you cannot use.


Mailing Lists: Business, Residential, Consumer


Mailing lists are the key element to Target Marketing that sets it apart from other types of advertising. It is a waste of resources to spend Ad dollars broadcasting your message to people who either don't need, cannot afford or simply are not interested in your product. Here's how you can change to a productive way of advertising. Say, for example, that you own a Ladies Dress Shop, specializing in up-scale clothing for all occasions. We can provide a mailing list of Women in West Hawaii, buy age, income, job type, etc. who are most likely to need, want and afford your product - essentially, Your Prime Customer. This same type of business or consumer data can be sourced and applied to virtually any business model, like your business. And it gets results.


Discount Postal Rates


Aloha Business Mailers maintains a Mailing Permit with the Kailua Kona Post Office. Our permit, along with the specialized equipment we use, enables us to address mail at the lowest Discount Postal Rates provided by the USPS.


If you are sending mail to Named Addresses, within Hawaii, we use Presort Standard Automation Rates (barcoded mail) which reduces the price of postage (currently from the First Class rate of 49¢) to approximately 27¢. (pricing may vary slightly depending on the mail list). This method provides very efficient delivery within the Hawaiian Islands.


Another highly effective program within Hawaii is Saturation Mail. This is delivered with a Simplified Address (Example: Kona Resident) and is directed to specified areas of PO Box, City Routes and Rural Routes. If you wanted to mail to everyone in, example, Kealakekua, this may be the preferred method. The per piece postage on this type of mail is currently 21.1¢.


When Mailing to the U.S. Mainland, we recommend the First Class Presorted Rate (barcoded). Under this category, you will still save approximately 10¢ off the standard First Class rate and your mail will travel under the same guidelines as regular First Class. See Special Rates for Non-Profit Organizations.


Target Marketing by Demographics


Many businesses are reluctant to spend money on advertising, even though Marketing is one of the essential building blocks to any business plan. Why? - because too often, the result of advertising is such a virtual and untackable thing. How do you know that the customer that just walked in your business is a result of your Ad?


Direct mail advertising changes that scenario, because your Ad is sent to "only" your specific Prime Customer Database, and your Mailer will include incentives to bring the mail piece in to you! These incentives are in the form of Coupons, Special Offers, Gift Cards, etc. Why do you suppose that big companies like Macy's send you Direct Mail, regularly, using this same tactic?....because it's a powerful tool that Works! Make it work for your business! Call us at 808-334-0050 for more information and a Free Quote.


Special Postal Rates for Non-Profit Organizations


If your Non-Profit company or organization is not currently listed with the USPS to receive special Postal Discounts, then Aloha Business Mailers will assist you in obtaining that status. You can obtain your own Non-Profit postal permit, but there are annual fees and special requirements for mailings annually associated with your permit. The really good news, is that the USPS offers a plan whereby you can designate Aloha Business Mailers as your mailer and there are "No" fees or special requirements for's Free. We can mail for you at Non-Profit Rates under our permit and the postal and the discounts are Substantial! Non-Profit Presorted mail rates are currently about 15¢ and saturation mail is 13.1¢.


Aloha Business Mailers provides print services to the Kailua Kona, HI area. We have state of the art equipment and the know-how to process any mailing job - big or small. From design, to print, to mailing, we offer simple and cost effective solutions.


Customer Retention


Did you know that it costs 5 times more to find new customers for your business than it does to keep the customers you already have?


We can show you how to develop your own customer mail lists and help you develop strategies that will build customer loyalty and keep your good customers coming back.

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